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This page contains an overview of all the exercises contained in this wiki. It is mainly for a quick overview, and it is better to follow the single top-page exercise lists while following the wiki as study material.

Exercises in Basics of neutron scattering

Problem: The cross section

Problem: Attenuation of the neutron beam

Problem: Selection of materials for neutron scattering experiments

Exercises in Neutron sources and moderators

Problem: Hydrogen as a moderator

Problem: The moderator temperature

Problem: The beam port

Exercises in Instrumentation

Problem: The neutron guide system

Problem: The collimator

Problem: Neutron velocity selector

Problem: Pinhole collimation

Problem: The Be filter

Exercises in Small angle neutron scattering

Problem: Fourier transform

Problem: The structure factor for dilute systems

Problem: Scattering form factor for spheres

Problem: SANS q-range and resolution

Problem: Polydisperse spheres

Problem: Phospholipid bilayer liposomes

Problem: SANS and SAXS from spherical surfactant micelles

Problem: Simulation of SANS scattering

Exercises in Reflection and Refraction

Problem: Critical edge

Problem: Snell's Law

Problem: Scattering length density for "light" and "heavy" water

Problem: Reflectivity coefficient

Problem: Magnetic reflectivity

Problem: Reflectivity in magnetic materials

Exercises in Diffraction from crystals

Problem: Simple Bragg scattering, the monochromator

Problem: Bragg scattering from Bravais lattices

Problem: Bragg scattering from non-Bravais lattices

Problem: Use of International Tables for Crystallography

Exercises in Scattering from phonons

Problem: Classical lattice vibrations in one dimension

Problem: Classical vibrations with a two-atom unit cell

Exercises in Magnetic neutron scattering

Problem: Derivation of the cartesian formulation of the perpendicular spin component

Exercises in Elastic magnetic scattering

Problem: A classical antiferromagnet in two dimensions

Problem: Scattering from an antiferromagnet

Exercises in Monte Carlo simulations

Problem: Validity of the semiclassical approximation

Problem: Simulation of incoherent scattering

Simple simulation problems

Problem: Estimating the circle area

Problem: A neutron guide system

McStas simulation projects

Simulation project SANS-2: A small angle neutron scattering instrument

Simulation project powder: A powder diffractometer

Simulation project tripleaxis: A triple-axis spectrometer