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Welcome to the Introduction to Neutron Reflectometry Fitting Course. 

This course was initially developed for the ISIS Virtual Reflectometry Training Course by Andrew McCluskey from the European Spallation Source. 

We will learn with James Lord and Rui Vilao about the role of muon spin relaxation in Semiconductors. 

We will learn with Adam Berlie and Tom Lancaster about the role of muon spin relaxation in Magnetism. 

The aim of this course is to learn the following:

  • Calculate main characteristics of synchrotron source (Bending magnets and Insertion devices).
  • Calculate the heat-load on different beamline components.
  • Simulating beamline optics by ray-tracing to obtain main parameters of the beam, e. g., size and divergence, energy resolution, intensity/flux.
  • Understand basic principles of X-ray optics: Mirrors and Crystals.
  • Basic concepts about coherence.

A course to help you record your own tutorials/lectures in video format for optimal online learning.